Cisco VPN Client and Virtual machines

When using Cisco VPN Client (in this case it's version 5 on Vista host) with a virtual machine guest (XP Pro) , do you install the client within the virtual machine or not?

I am open to virtual machine products such as Parallels, Vmware or Virtual PC 2007 , listed in order of preference.

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Bob Mgr
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What is the purpose of the vpn? If you do it at the host level, all guests should be able to use that if they are NATed. If they are not, I'm not sure how that would work as they technically have separate IPs bridged through the primary. If your goal is only at the VM instance level, then I would think either would work, but I would think that the bridged networking should be more likely since you technically have a public IP on the outside network.

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I think at the host level you'd have to be careful which virtual network you connected your virtual machine NICs to. With VMWare the default is to bridge to the host NIC, and I have no good idea how well NATing to the VPN virtual NIC would do.

Sounds like something to try, though.

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