VPN client asks for username and password when connecting!

Hi folks,

probably anewbie question but here goes...

I have a PIX 501 with 6.3 software, it's been running on my network for a while now with no problems, users use this device for remote access, they use Cisco's VPN client software. When these users connect all they need to do is fill in the fields "Username" and "Password" under "Group Authentication" on the connection, when they double click the entry it connects then minimizes.

I have now added a PIX515 with version 7 software. It has a site-to-site VPN connection which works fine. I want users to be able to connect to this device using the Cisco VPN client. So I setup the VPN client settings in the same manner as the 501, my users fill in the appropriatte settings in the connection on the client, but when they connect they get asked for another username and password, so I added a user on the PIX and added the user to the group I created (note I never had to do this for the 501), anyway, once I entered the second username and password it still doesn't connect but does get further than before.

On the cisco client log the error returns something like "Phase 2 failed becasue Phase 1 wasn't established"

Is this standard? Have I setup my first PIX incorrectly or is this a new setting in the version 7 software?

cheers Dave

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