cisco vpn client's profile sometimes ask for password

I set up a Cisco vpn client's profile which already saves its username and password. I send this profile to several users so that they can import into their Cisco vpn client software. This profile allows the users to connect to the office without having to fill in the username and password.

This works as I expected but sometimes the users report that they are asked to type in the password. This happens randomly for different users. After retyping the password, it works well again. No password is ever changed. And it happens not at the same time for all users. When it happens for one user, other work fine.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, DT

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Hi DT,

Well, I have seen that does happen but how many users are you talking about? From a security point of view if you do not have a huge about of users to support on VPN access I would suggest using dedicated authentication for each user. This should be part of your security policy that you have as you can run more accurate auditing.

More to your question, what version of the VPN client are you using, operating system the clients are having problems on and also the target device they are connecting to. I have seen a couple of problems with VPN clients on VISTA. More information from your side is required as per above.



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