Two T1 Lines

We have two T1 lines coming into our office (same provider for both lines). One T1 is terminated at an Adtran, the other at a Netopia Router with a T1 wic. Behind the Netopia T1 is a Pix 506e and our wired network. Behind the Adtran T1 is our unsecured wireless network. We presently have this wireless network wide open. Users who wish to access resources on the secured wired network from the wireless network must establish a VPN to the pix, just like they would from anywhere on the internet.

The only downside to this arrangement for us is that while a user is on a laptop in the office with a VPN established his speed is limited by the T1 bandwidth and he is using bandwidth on both T1s. This seems crazy as both T1's are terminated in the same wiring closet.

What type of hardware would I need to reconfigure this setup such that:

1) Wired and Wireless still go to the cloud through separate T1s 2) Wireless VPN traffic to the wired network is routed directly in the wiring closet at 100mb instead of 1.5mbps) to the Pix. This traffic does not go out to the cloud and come back in but instead stays on our hardware. 3) The pix still accepts incoming VPN requests from the rest of the internet
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Mike Wren
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Can you place a single L2 Ethernet switch (bridge) interconnecting the Adtran, the Netopia, the PIX and your wireless network?

How about a 12-port 2950?

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