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Question: Hypothetical situation: If I have 3+ switches daisychained together, Switch A->Switch B->Switch C. If vlan 10 exists on switch A & Switch C, and switch B only has TRUNK links connecting to Switch A & C, does Vlan 10 have to be defined on switch B to be carried on the trunk links? I don't have a lab to test this.


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Trunk don't Carry Vlan information, VTP is carring Vlan information. to have host on switch B to talk with other host on Vlan 10 you must configure vlan 10 or have the vlan information through VTP

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I dont think you undersstood the question...

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mike jones

I have seen some switches acting as intermediate trunks and which did require the explicit definition of every VLAN in order to pass them thru its trunk ports. Then I guess your question depends on specific vendor and switch model. I've seen Cisco 2950 passing VLANs in trunks without any explicit definition of VLANs.

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