Am I doing VLSM correctly?

Here is a link to a practice exercise I found online:

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I am just looking to make sure I am doing this correctly. Any feedback is appreciated.

I start out with the block

I see my largest group of hosts is 400, which requires 9 bits gets broken down into: (capable of 510 hosts)(used for the 400 hosts) (further subnetted below)

Now I need to get a block that can service 200 hosts (requires 8 bits) gets broken down into: (capable of 254 hosts)(used for the 200 hosts) (further subnetted below)

Now I need two blocks that can service 50 hosts each (6 bits required) To reduce waste, I broke this into a /25 to get the following: (126 hosts each) (further subnetted below) gets broken down further into: (capable of 62 hosts each) (capable of 62 hosts each (These two fill the need for both of the 50 hosts)

I have left over to further subnet or use to address more hosts.

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Looks good to me Chad.. You used the exact same method that I learned while studying for my Cisco certs. Start with the largest number of hosts and break it down from there.


Chad wrote:

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the network is The first byte, 192 tells us that this is a class c network, therefore the minimum subnet should be or the default subnet mask for c if you are doing it classful.

Therefore based on the minimum subnets for a class c network and the fact that every subnet should have at least 2 bits for the network Ids, the maximum hosts you can get on a class c network is 2 raised to

6 m> Looks good to me Chad.. You used the exact same method that I learned

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