Routing between office and datacentre using 3560 switches

Hi there.

We're getting a 10Mb Ethernet point to point connection between our office and a colocation datacentre. We are presented with an RJ45 cable at either end, and there is no routing involved - it has been explained to me as logically a very long cable!

We have two Class C subnets are either end of the link. On the office side, we use a private 192.168.1.x subnet, and a public 193 Class C.

We plan to get two 3560 switches, one for each end of the link.

On the colo side, all servers would be plugged directly into the 3560. On the office side, all the internal switches (both 192 and 193) would be plugged in to the 3560.

1) Is this an appropriate toplogy?

2) Will I be able to use the exact same subnets on the colo side of the link, if the 3560's are configured to route correctly?

The alternative is to have to separate Class C subnets on the colo side of the link, but this means all the servers will need to be given new IP's, which is not ideal for us. We want, if possible, to be able to move servers out without having to readdress them

Any help appreciated


Alex Glen

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