i found this error in syslog when i check the cisco 6509 today.

"Nov 7 08:52:28: %MISTRAL-3-ERROR: Error condition detected: TM_DATA_PARITY_ERROR"

this appears only one time, and i checked the cisco.com, and found this explanation: "The most common errors from the Mistral ASIC on the MSFC are TM_DATA_PARITY_ERROR, SYSDRAM_PARITY_ERROR, SYSAD_PARITY_ERROR, and TM_NPP_PARITY_ERROR. Possible causes of these parity errors are random static discharge or other external factors."

has anyone had come across this error before? do i have to do anything except monitoring the switch syslog to confirm whether the error message was an isolated one?

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Ethan Mao
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I wouldn't be concerned unless the message was repeated.

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