PIX minimal setup for pinging out the inside

What would be the minimal setup necessary for a successful ping out the inside interface ?

I assume all I would have to do is setup an IP address on the inside interface in the same subnet as the rest of my LAN. I souldn't need NAT or the Global commands working, and I should not need statics or an access list , right ? So something like

interface ethernet 1 100full nameif ethernet1 inside security100 ip address inside

is really all I would need, no ?

We picked up an old 515 E to use as a back up. I want to get it on the local net so I can upload the config from the working 515. As it stands I cant get to first base. No pings, no fun

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barret bonden
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Pinging inside interface should b working...All you have to do iz to setup interface nameif security level ip address and no shut...This is for versions 7.0 and earlier...For older versions I'm not sure since I don't have hands on expirience with older PIX os...

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Igor Mamuziæ aka Pseto

necessary for a successful ping out the

Send us output from show interface, and make sure you have a straight patch cable to your inside switch. If you are using 5.x PIXOS then "conduit permit icmp any any" as I recall but it has been a while. The 515 should have 6.xx though. Keep in mind the OS needs to match for the config to come across, you might simply copy the "sh run" and paste in the config a line or 4 at a time to catch any errors. sh version will show your PIXOS and licensing details, that would be helpful.

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Shawn Westerhoff

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