third-party vpn clients that work with cisco (?)

are there any (free) third-party vpn clients that work with cisco hardware? eg: I have a cisco 2600 router that can do the vpn server thing, but the cisco vpn client is only available to (paying) registered users. The ms windows in-house vpn client doesn't work (unless I'm doing something wrong). thanks for any pointers.

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There's so many different VPN technologies, they all get lumped into one, but they are all so different.

If you are doing IPSec setups on the 2600, there are 3rd party IPSec clients for most platforms. SafeNet makes a popular one. At $149 a seat, it might make sense for you to get "registered" (ie. add SmartNet) onto for your 2600 so you can obtain the Cisco IPSec VPN client. Cisco even seems to have supported one feature of the SafeNet client in some IOS 12.3T rev specificly. If you can even get that any more for something as old as the 2600.

OOTH, you can do something else altogether to match up with the built-in-windows VPN client, and setup your 2600 to be a PPTP server or L2TP over IPsec server that will let you use your built-in windows VPN client (depending on what versions of windows you are supporting).

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Doug McIntyre

ok Doug thanks for your response

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