Multiple Cisco VPN Clients

Hi all,

I have a problem getting two computers to connect to a cisco pix server via the cisco vpn client. Its the age old problem of being able to connect the one computer, and then connecting the other computer which forces the first connection to stop working.

My setup is that there is a Westell 2200 modem/router connected to a Netgear EN524 ethernet hub. These two devices are in another office (shared internet usage) and so there is a link that comes from the hub into a local ethernet switch. From this switch i run in to a DLink DI-624 router. My two computers are connected into this router. I did have another router in place of the switch but i had the same problem. The internet connection is a Verizon dsl business connection with


To confuse matters (well mainly confuse me) i took the computers home to the following setup. Cable modem (new installation, cant remember the model number) through Optimum Online. This is connected to the same DLink router. The computers again run from this router. Originally in this setup i couldnt get multiple computers to connect until i turned off ipsec passthrough in the router settings. This made them both work at the same time.

So my question is how do i get multiple cisco clients working in my office setup?

Any help is greatly appreciated, ive been tearing my hair out for weeks over this issue. Cheers, Andy.

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One of two:

  1. Get ESP aware routers.
  2. Add isakmp nat-traversal 20 to the PIX headend, and hence allow UDP-encap on port 4500. (Check udp encap in VPN client sw)

BR Martin

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