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I have a Cisco 2948G-L3 switch that has four BVIs on it. Each BVI has several ports axxigned to it and each BVI has an ip address, one for each subnet on my network. I have IRB configured. The access switches connect to ports on whatever BVI desired according to what subnet they are on. The end stations connec to the access switches.

I am not currently using the two GBIC interfaces. Here is what I want to do:

I want to create a fifth BVI and give it another ip address for a fifth subnet. I plan on getting a Cisco 2960G-24T, which has 20 Gbit ports and four multi use ports, including GBIC. I am going to put my servers on this switch. My LAN is 10/100 at present. I want to move my servers to a Gigabit segment along with the backup server so I can backup the servers at gigabit speed. To have a high-speed uplink from my Cisco 2948G-L3 to the Cisco 2960G-T I will include the two GBIC ports on my Cisco 2948G-L3 in the fifth BVI, and create an etherchannel comprised of the two GBIC ports. On the Cisco 2960G-T I will create a port group comprised of two of its GBIC interfaces. I will connect the two switches via the two GBIC ports on each switch that are configured as above.

Is the above configuration correct, or have I missed something.


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I don't think you've missed anything. the servers will have their Gbit network (ofcourse if you have Gbit Network cards on them) . the port-channel between the main switch and the new switch will give you links redundency.

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