Etherchannel Diagnosis

I just set up and etherchannel between two GBIC ports on a Cisco

2948G-L3 and a Cisco 2960-24T.

On the Cisco 2948G-L3 I have five BVIs, each with and IP Address, for my five subnets. The two GBIC ports are in the port-channel and the port-channel is in BVI5. The Cisco 2960-24T only has the default vlan1. It has an IP Address on the same subnet as the BVI5 above e.g.,

Both port-channels are up and I can ping across the two switches. The question I have is:

Is there a command to check the etherchannel to see if I am getting 2 Gig uplink with now flap or other problems?

By the way, when I was configuring these etherchannels I had to do a "no negotiation auto" on the Cisco 2948G-L3 to get it to come up. I set the mode on the etherchannels to on, mostly because I didn't know what the other modes meant.


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