Subrate DS3 Scrambling .. PA-T3+

Can anyone provide information regarding the "required" versus "desired" use of Scrambling on Subrate DS3'?

I am aware of the requirements for clocking recovery, but would expect that B3ZS coding would serve it's purpose.

At our Network Mgmt Center, we have a new (subrate, 15-Mbps, DSU Mode-1) DS3 that terminates in an ISP POP. This provides Internet connectivity to our internal customers.

We cannot monitor payload traffic on the DS3 interface; all we see is a "flat-line" of scrambled data at ~15-Mbps.

As a result of DS3 enabled scrambling on our Router's PA-T3+ interface, our WAN Protocol Analyzers cannot provide vital data (IP sessions, top-talkers, etc) with respect to troubleshooting other than Physical layer (framing, CRC, BPVs, etc) information. We have no desire to perform those same analysis functions from that same Router's drop side (Ethernet).



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most DIA (direct intertnet access) lines do not use scramble. It is one of those settings that must be set on both ends to be of use. If this is a DIA line then check with your provider.

Michael Stokes, CTO

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