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I am deeply reseaching on Subrate DS3. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how it operates. The simply things I found are many different priority standards from Digital Link, ADC Kentrox, Larscom, Adtran and Verilink. The basic consists of decreased clock frequency and scrambling. So far there is no more clear information about it. Is this secret? Can you give me an advice. Thanks.


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A T3 is 28 T1's multiplexed into a single channel, or 45Mbs. A T1 is

1.544Mbs multiplexed into 24 64Kbs channel To keep things simple, most carriers will only subrate a DS3 on multiples of T1's Google "Time Division Multiplexing". FYI: DS3 = T3, DS1 = T1.


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If getting a channelized DS3, However many services are really full DS3(T3) access that is bandwidth limited (most of the time multiple of

5mb), most Internet, Frame, MPLS, etc over DS3 is an unchannelized access that limits bandwidth via a statement in the router.
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