Strange Problem

Hi Guys,

I have a strange Problem, maybe someone can help. In a remote office there´s a router and several switches. The Users complain about performance problems. Pings to both Router and the connected Switch are successful, but a ping with

1473bytes is successfull to the router, but not to the switch. I read that pings greater 1472bytes are fragmented. Maybe the Switch has a problem ?

Thx in advance

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U¿ytkownik Michael napisa³:

Maybe you have acl problem on the L3 switch. Morover if you dont use L3 functions you must check the ping between hosts in administrative vlan, not other vlans.

Sample: (ping OK) host A -> administrative vlan -> L2 switch

(No respond) host A -> other vlan -> L2 switch

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Krzysztof Sobieraj

What type of a router is it? What software runs on the router? Did you try large pings to both interfaces of the router, inside and outside? The problem is most likely somewhere in the router.

Regards, Christoph Gartmann

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Christoph Gartmann

hi Christoph,

it´s a cisco 26XX running ios. Yes, i´ve tried pinging both interfaces with a large packetsize. Everythings fine. But the connected switch next to it, did not respond to large packets. I had this problem several times with different hardware/locations and everytime the switch was rebootet (warm or if that did not help sometimes cold) everything was ok

but that can´t be the solution.

Cheers Michael

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