static nat with backup interface

Hi all

it is feasible in same router to become nat in the two otherwise interface one for backup ? with static nat ?

interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ip nat inside

interface Serial0/0/0.2 point-to-point ip address ip nat outside frame-relay class internet frame-relay interface-dlci 16

interface ATM0/1/0 no ip address no atm ilmi-keepalive dsl operating-mode auto pvc 8/35 encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer dialer pool-member 2

interface Dialer1 ip address negotiated ip nat outside encapsulation ppp ip tcp adjust-mss 1452 dialer pool 2 dialer-group 2 no cdp enable ppp authentication chap pap callin ppp chap hostname xxxxxxx ppp chap password 7 xxxxxxxxx ppp ipcp dns request

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Manolis Anastasakis
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Interesting question if I'm understanding it right:

You're asking if when interface A is up, if a static NAT can be in effect (ie IP -> but if interface A goes down and dialer B comes up, if that static NAT can change dynamically (ie IP now ->

I have no idea (I would think it would require more than static NAT's to accomplish this) but I would be interested if someone with more expertise could answer this definitively.


Manolis Anastasakis wrote:

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