Static mac addresses disappearing

Hello. I have a problem with my Cisco 3750 Catalyst switches, and hope that someone can help me...

I have a network with star topology and six 3750 switches, and a few vlans. It happens that the static mac addresses disappear from tables after around

2 minutes of port inactivity. What I mean is that if I ping a host on vlan 5 (for example a Windows XP pc), and then run the command "sh mac-address-table vlan 5", I can see the relevant mac-address as STATIC address (I run it on the switch where the pc is physically connected to). After around 2 minutes of that pc inactivity, if I issue the same show command, I can't find the static mac address. It reappears if I ping again the host.

The problem is that when the static mac address disappear, the next attempt to reach the pc takes time (a few seconds), slowing down connection. This happens to every hosts on all switch ports.

Is there a way to avoid it, or to increase the timeout as for dynamic addresses (like with mac-address-table aging-time command)? Shouldn't static mac addresses always stay in the tables while the host is physically connected to the switch port, and disappear only if I disconnect it? What I'm missing?

I'm running C3750 Software (C3750-IPBASE-M), Version 12.2(25)SEE2.

Thank you very much.


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Roberto Bazzano
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Are you certain that the pauses are due to the static MAC mapping not being shown, and not due to an ARP entry aging out due to lack of activity from the PC?

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