Sonicwall Firewall and AS5200

I have a problem with a customer connecting to our AS5200. I don't think it's really my problem at all, but he's making angry noises.

Basically, this is a Sonicwall TZ170SP, which has a modem built-in which can, with PPP, act as a WAN port. Now he's dialing up, gets the right IP, DNS and gateway, but he cannot ping the PPP-assigned dynamic adderss, cannot ping any other address on that subnet (including our DNS servers, mail server, etc) but can ping machines on our other subnet or in the outside world. The routing table is pointing to the AS5200, which I'm fairly certain is correct.

He says he can dial the unit up to another provider and it works. I've *nix boxes, game consoles, routers, Windows, MAC and heaven knows what else dialing in, and I've never seen a problem like this. What's more, I'm showing on our router that when he does try to get out to the outside world and it works, our router indicates that the dynamic address is trying to send stuff to some outside 150.* address that he says was an old internal address.

As I said, I've never seen the problem before. PPP is as straightforward a protocol as I've seen, and with the exception of the odd Win98 box with hooped networking, it never fails. Any ideas on this one?

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No ideas on this one?

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