User unable to access sites from home office

Good morning,

We have one user (could be more but they dont call) who has issues with VPN at his home office. Here is the scenario:

- All of our sites are open to the outside (VPN or not)

- Logs into VPN from home

- Can get his email through outlook

- Can access most of our sites except for one when on VPN

- Claims it works when not in his home office

We use both Cisco and Microsoft VPN (at the moment) depending on the internal application they need.

We also have some issues if a user is at a certain hotel or hot spot they can not VPN in with one of the VPN's or both (MS and Cisco). What could cause this? Are there any special ways we should have users setup their home offices?

We do use 192.168.x.x for our internal network.


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We would need to know a little more about this user's home network, the VPN configuration he's using, and the site he cannot reach.

Common connectivity issues include:

  1. IP address overlap: if the remote user's local IP subnet is also used on your network, he won't be able to reach computers in the subnet on your network that his subnet matches.
  2. His DNS servers don't know some of the DNS information published by your network's DNS servers.
  3. Your VPN may not be correctly configured to route/forward network traffic between his end of the VPN and all of your computers.
  4. ACLs (access control lists) may prevent the traffic he wants.
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