SNMP and CCM synch problems


We have a simple VoIP layout where we have 2 Call Managers (CCM 4.0). Phone techs input phone descriptions into the publishing CCM (e.g., phone owner's name, etc.). This replicates successfully to the subscriber CCM server. If there is a failover to the subscriber, the phones work and the previously entered info remains.

The problem is the same information doesn't get replicated within the SNMP tables. I can successfully pull down phone description info using SNMP from both Call Managers, but the changes made in the publisher don't get replicated (as per SNMP) to the subscribing server. The subscriber doesn't see the info the techs entered on the primary, so we have to pull back all info from both CCM's and then reconcile, etc. Any ideas on how to synchronize this info SNMP table-wise?

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