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We're replacing our legacy phone system with a VOIP soluion. The old Avaya setup had an option to allow authorized persons to monitor a station (go off hook) without any indication on the station set. I forget what the service is called at the moment. Sorry

Will the Cisco VOIP solution allow this to continue? We have several interview rooms that this use is beneficial.

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Cisco callmanager has a plugin called Attendant console through which you can monitor the status of ipphones registered with callmanager and see whether they are off hook ,onhook or have set forwarding to anthor phone.

Thanks Aman

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Isn't it illegal to monitor people without telling them they're being so? I hope your email is accurate...it sounds like your company is a toxic environment and it should definitely go on the list of companies to never work for. Sounds like your company spends time and money "monitoring for the greater good" while you disrespect professionals. Maybe your HR department should do its job and hire quality, ethical people. If the person isn't cutting it, get rid of them. How about judging an employee on their output instead of whether they turn their TPS reports in on time? Sounds like important projects get delayed or derailed while your managers spend their time keeping everyone under their thumb.

I work for a rube that does the stuff your wanting to do. He spends time reading other people's emails, watching their surfing habits, etc. instead of making a business-strategic project that's been languishing for years happen. I bet your work environment is a real happy place. You so-called "security professional" ambulance chasers and your ilk should get a grip on your control issues.

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Thanks for the lumps :). I'm not directly involved in the project but am trying to determine if this capability exists in the Cisco envrionment since the IT boys won't give us a straight answer if this exists or not.

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I'm not looking for just station status that callmanager provides, but the ability to take a phone off-hook for remote monitoring without any indication by the remote station.

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