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I'm not sure if this is the correct group for this post, if not please let me know. I have a DSL line from CenturyTel and have been assigned

2 IP addresses. I have 2 routers a Trendnet and a PIX 501. The connection is PPPoE and can authenicate using the Trendnet router for the first IP of x.x.x.29. I need to assign the second IP of x.x.x.30 to the PIX. How do I pass the second IP to the PIX. NAT? Static?
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to answer your Q: Yes Static NAT - From the 3nd IP to the PIX outside IP.

But why do you have the TrendNet router there at all ? Allthough I do not know of this router, i can assume that its about the interfaces, maybe DSL interface or likely. But if ouy can, you should consider using only the PIX Firewall, hence only one device to config and maintain and power etc.

HTH Martin

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Martin Bilgrav

Martin - thanks for the reply. I work for an oil company that also owns and operates C-Stores. I had the network configured with the Trendnet and was given the PIX by a vendor with instructions to configure it with a public IP. Can I assign the PIX both IP's and maybe V-LAN between the two networks?

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