routing problem with ISP?

I realize this post might not belong here, but I think it's close.

Is it "normal" to have routing problems within a major ISP?

Our company has purchased a T1 line from our regional Bell company. We also have a business-class DSL connection with the same ISP.

Once I got our router configured correctly, I realized that I could not reach our DSL static IP. I called our ISP and after spending too much time trying to convince them that it was a routING problem, not a routER problem, they fixed it within 12 hours.

Then, I discovered I had the same problem going the other way -- I cannot reach servers running on our T1 static IPs from our DSL line (nor from my DSL line at home with the same ISP). A traceroute from

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shows that the rest of the world can get to our servers, though. This time, the ISP is taking much longer to fix it.

So, to the pro's out there, is this typical, or should I be worried? I'm not a network admin, so I really don't know. However, I have a service contract with Cisco, and one of their techs helped me with the config and agrees that the problem is with the ISP.

Thanks for your input.


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Joseph O'Brien
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You should be worried, change your service provider at the next opportunity. You should never encounter problems like this.


Joseph O'Brien wrote:

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It happens. It isn't abnormal to find a busted route once in a while. It isn't even abnormal for it to be busted for a long time. Non-technology factors can be related to the problem.

Just stay on it. Call them on the ticket once a day, and escalate periodically. It will get fixed, or they will tell you why it can't be fixed... Eventually.

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