Redistributing a single static route in OSPF


I have a requirement to distribute a static route from an OSPF router to its neighbours.

However the router has several static routes configured on it, and I only want one of them to be redistributed.

The remaining static routes must not be redistributed.

Is it possible to do this. And if so, how?



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Dave Ward
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You will be able to use a route map to control the redistribution.

I need to practise these (CCNP) and could have a look later

router ospf 1 redist static route-map RM.ospf.static (subnets?)

route-map RM.ospf.static 10 match ip address ACL.ospf.static

ip ascess-l s ACL.ospf.static permit ip route.address route.wildcard

Warning - whenever redistributing routes you need to take care not to create routing loops and/or redistribution loops.

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