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According to Cisco, A default metric is required to redistribute a protocol into IGRP or EIGRP, unless you use the redistribute command ??

I have inherited router with eigrp and redistribute static that redistribute about 6-7 static routes. I don't have default-metric statement, yet all static routes are redistributed. I don't have network statement for these static routes. I'm confused, please explain


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John Strow
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If you do show ip eigrp topology for one of your static routes, you'll see it in there and the metric 'seems' to be the same as for a connected route.

So there is if you like a default default-metric for static routes, but not for routes redistributed from other routing protocols like rip, ospf etc. For them you need to explicity configure the default metric.

When you do, the default metric for the static routes will follow.

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