Traffic-shape on ATM interface

I need to make an ACL based traffic-shape on an ATM/IMA interface in a Cisco 3640, but it seems that the "traffic-shape group" doesn't work on the ATM interfaces.

I tried to use a policy-map but obviously it doesn't accept the "shape" command...

If I have undestood it correctly, the "rate limit" command drops every single packet that is over the assigned bandwidth, so it seems a little too drastic to me...

Is there any other way to limit the bandwidth based on ACLs?


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Giannici Federico
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With ATM the only way to traffic-shape is by PVC.

under the pvc configuration vbr-nrt

where PCR is the Peak Cell Rate in Kbs, SCR is Sustained Cell Rate in Kbs and BC is the burst size in cells. You should set the PCR and SCR to the same value, and BC to 1.


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