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Hi, I tried configuring NTOP as my netflow collector for one of my Cisco routers. The reason I'm using NTOP is that its capable of supporting (Netflow, SFlow etc) and its capability in summarizing ASN (Autonomous System) as well its free status. The problem is that, the default ethernet0 is able to sniff the LAN with all the right info but whenever i switch to the virtual interface (Netflow collector for Cisco box on a different network), it doesn't seem to capture any data. I don't get any errors running ntop, and it says that the netflow thread has been started and listening on a particular port. This are my cisco config:

ip flow-export source Loopback0 ip flow-export version 5 origin-as ip flow-export destination [port] ip flow-aggregation cache as cache entries 2046 cache timeout inactive 200 cache timeout active 45 export destination [port] enabled

Can anyone help me with this problem (tips, tutorial, reference)? There's not much info available online. If there are other alternatives that fits my requirment, please do mention. Thanks

Regards, Kanagaraj Krishna

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Hi If you have firewall enabled on the box - check the rules. Try to run tcpdump, you should see udp traffic with dest. port=[port] from your router. Make sure ntop has active=yes netflow plagin, and port = [port]

Roman Nakhmanson

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