async 16a / cabling for patchbay


I want to use this interface in conjunction with a patchbay for easier cabling. So I cut off one end of a CAB-OCATAL-ASYNC (DB25 interfaces) and want to put them onto the patchbay (LSA).

The RJ45 ports on the patchbay are labeled:

1 2 3 6 5 4 7 8 B

The colors of the CAB-OCTAL are

white green red black yellow brown orange blue

Can anyone tell which colors belongs where into the patchbay?

Thanks in advance, Christian

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Christian Lox
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Here's the pinouts for the CAB-OCTAL-ASYNC (RJ45 plugs):

formatting link
And the mapping from the RJ45 pins to the DB25 are one of the mappings shown here:

formatting link
(depending on whether your DB25s present as DCE or DTE which I don't know offhand.)


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