netflow on sup1a/MFSC2 can get all AS inforamtions


I have a SUP1A/MFSC2 on a 6009 chassis and i experience some troubles with netflow.

Here is my configuration :

mls flow ip full mls nde sender

ip flow-export source Vlan x ip flow-export version 5 origin-as ip flow-export destination z.x.y.w 2055

I enabled this on vlan interface : ip route-cache flow

I have understand that in case of 6000/6500 chassis netflow are sent by both PFC and MFSC2 card.

I can collect both flows of the PFC and MFSC, but i am not able to have AS information of flow sent by PFC card. I think its normal because PFC is not a routing card, but did someone have any solution to do that ?

Thanks in advance.



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Nicolas Meaux
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