Netflow over VPN

So, I'm having a difficult time getting my netflow stastics from a remote site. It's a Cisco router, flow-export is set to the destination and flow-export is set to source the inside interface.

Doesn't seem to be working as expected. I can see the flows just fine from within the router, just doesn't seem to be going over the pipe.

! ip flow-export source GigabitEthernet0/1 ip flow-export version 5 ip flow-export destination 65007 !

I can source a ping from Gi0/1 to the destination just fine, Gi0/0 is an interface with a crypto map on it. Anyone have success getting netflow through a VPN?


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Worked OK for me. Same config as you. I do recall seeing some intermittent failure. Can't quite recall.

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Can you get any other router-originated UDP packets to transit the VPN from the remote site in question?

For example, can you get syslogging messages which uses UDP port 514 to transit the VPN?

It would be useful if you posted more info about the remote device - model, IOS version, config, etc.

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