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My excuse for the late post is that I have just now discovered this group and I see I may have something to contribute from time to time.

MC (mwclar) posted the following on Sun, Aug 29 2004 4:16 am

OK, Here is a topic not sure if many will be able to answer but I am going to ask anyway.

Does any of the Cisco IBM gateway products suppot SNI (PU4) connections between two hosts with having to have an NCP on the mainframe. We are wanting to get rid of our 3745 and have other hosts connecting to us that their NCP does not support SNI so we have to, I would think that since IBM is dropping support on their 3745 FEP's that there has to be an alternative an figured Cisco should have a solution.

Also does Cisco support BISYNC connectivity where we can terminate a BISYNC dialup line into where the cisco gateway would be channel attached ? I know they support BSTUN which from what I have read is like BISYNC tunneling but for anotehr type of host, and does no conversions and would still have to be serial on the host end? is that correct? We would like to be able to bring the BISYNC dialup into a gateway device and have that device terminate/convert the traffic over the token ring to the mainframe via SNA/IP ? would think that would require addtional software on the mainframe ?

In fact it was two topics, one concerning SNI and one concerning BSC or BiSync.

As Eli mentioned you may be able to replace SNI with APPN Border Node support. The problem here is that, while one side of the SNI configuration may be keen to use APPN, the other may not be so keen.

The other alternative is Communication Controller for Linux (CCL),

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This is a straight replacement of 3745 with a program running on a Linux LPAR on the mainframe which supports NCP. Channel support, from R2, is yet another flavour of OSA; LAN support is OSA emulating token ring if necessary; WAN support is the LAN support with routers, typically IP with DLSw.

IBM is dropping support for the 3745 so IBM is offering CCL.

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