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I have a quick question. Someone gave me some info, and I want to verify it.

QinQ needs to have a switch capable of accepting double tagging ports to be an edge device. I've been told that if you have a network made on switches, only the the ones at the provider edge need to understand double tagging. The ones inside the network only see the outer tag, and do not have to be configured for double tagging.

Is this true, or is this guy full of it?

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no experience so far about this. I suspect that if the switches don't know the q-in-q format, they cannot read correctly the frame and learn the associated source/destination mac addresses.

the intermediate switches must have the ability to pass q-in-q frames and also if you need to pass full frames (eg. 1500 bytes) they must support the extra bytes of the q-in-q header.

however, you may use lower end switches to pass this traffic, which may not be capable to act as a demarcation device. eg. on 4500 series the supII+ may pass QinQ but cannot be used as a QinQ entry point. (add the extra header).


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