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I have a Linksys RV082 VPN router that I can VPN to fine anywhere except from my workplace that is behind a PIX firewall. What ports need to be open on the PIX to allow the Linksys VPN to work.

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PPTP: GRE (IP Protocol 47) and TCP 1723. See Note 1

L2TP: It is doubtful that you are using this

L2TP/IPSec: As for IPSec (below), plus TCP 1701

IPSec: UDP 500 (IKE), plus one of: - ESP (IP Protocol 50). See Note 1 - AH (IP Protocol 51). See Note 2 - ESP plus AH. See Note 2 - UDP 4500. See Note 3 - UDP 4500 plus ESP. See Note 1. See Note 4 - UDP 4500 plus AH. See Note 2. See Note 5 - UDP 4500 plus ESP and AH. See Note 2. See Note 4. See Note 5 - TCP 10000

Other: ???. See Note 6.

Note 1: Not compatible with Port Address Translation (PAT)

Note 2: Not compatible with PAT or Network Address Translation (NAT)

Note 3: Requires that NAT-T (NAT Traversal) be configured; I do not know whether the RV082 supports that.

Note 4: Will fail if there is no NAT or PAT but ESP is blocked. Some ISPs block it.

Note 5: Will fail if there is no NAT or PAT but AH is blocked. Some ISPs block it.

Note 6: You did not indicate which VPN client you are using to connect to the RV082, and I am not interested enough to research the possibilities.

Note 7: This message would have been much shorter if you had mentioned which protocol you were using.

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Walter Roberson

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