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I have two Cisco 2610 routers, each with WIC-1DSU-T1 cards. We have a Point-to-Point between two locations and I am using these to route the traffic between.

The lines belong to Verizon and the AdTran cards are locked in a Verizon box. I can look in and see the status lights through the top. Each location has a RJ48X loopback jack.

When I plug in the Cisco at Location 1 it seems to hook up fine, and the carrier detect light pops up. (Which is strange to me because our PTP is unmonitored and I thought the CD would only come on when equipment is plugged into both ends.)

Then when I go and plug in the Cisco at Location 2, I get no lights, no nothing. I check the lights in the Verizon box and an alarm is triggered with a red LED. I disconnect the Cisco and it clears the alarm.

How can I figure out what the problem is? I had the company that provides the PTP come and check the circuit originally and they said they found problems but that the problems had gone away now. Is it possible that the WIC-1DSU-T1 card in this router is faulty?

Any help is appreciated!


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A local loop is just that, local, you can alarm on one side of the T1 and show no alarms on the other. You are getting the alarm at location 2 because you have an error on the receiving side from the telco and you are sending an alarm which is being received the telco equipment. The router should give you more information "show controller t1" and information about the specific alarm. It could be that your cable between the router and the telco is bad, you have the T1 mis-configured on the router, or the WIC is bad. Verify your clocking, framing, etc. A T1 cable uses blue and green pairs (as opposed to Ethernet using the orange and green pairs) so make sure that your cabling is correct.


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