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Hi, I have 2 gateways in my network: 1 Cisco PIX 506 ( and Ipcop ( with a DMZ (on the Ipcop) where the mail server resides (

I just would like that a computer with the PIX defined as default Gateway could access the mail server on the IPCop's DMZ

I Thougth about adding a static route on the PIX like: route 1

It doesn't seem to be enough as the mail server doesn't answer the pings.

What did I miss here??? Note: it worked perfectly with another Ipcop instead of the PIX Thanks in advance for our help

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PIX 4/5/6 never allows packets to return to the same [logical] interface they reached the PIX by. PIX 7 sometimes does, but only when at least one VPN is involved.

Upgrade your PIX to 6.3(3) or later and construct a logical interface overlaying your inside interface and give the logical interface an address directly in the 192.168.0 network, bypassing IPCOP. Or if you want to keep IPCOP there, assign it a new address range such as and put the logical interface in that network and add the route to through

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Walter Roberson

I forgot to mention that this will require using a LAN switch that is 802.1Q VLAN aware.

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Walter Roberson

Thanks a lot, I'll consider upgrading

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