pix policy nat small oddity

This won't be of interest to very many people ;-)

For those of you who have programs that parse PIX syslog messages:

I happened to notice this morning that %PIX-6-305009 'built static translation' has a slightly different format when policy static is being used:

Jul 12 08:46:35 6V:ibdhalpixX Jul 12 2005 08:45:11: %PIX-6-305009: Built static translation from inside: to outside(map10_acl):

The (map10_acl) part is the name of the ACL that was matched in determining the translation. With non-policy translations, there would be nothing between the interface name and the : followed by the translated IP.

I don't know yet whether the corresponding translation destroyed message will mention the ACL.

This will complicate parsing a bit, as '(' and ')' are legal characters in interface names (as is ':')

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Walter Roberson
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