PIX 6.3(1) to 6.3(5) to 7.2(1)

I wanted to find a simple list of feature benefits of upgrading to the above PIX version, but just found the list of bug fixes & nothing in plain english that I can communicate with my client.

Is there anywhere on ciscos home page that has the feature changes in plain english.

ie. Your on version 6.3(1) so upgrading to 6.3(5) you will get this. Then if you upgrade to 7.2(1) you will be able to do this.

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You may wish to investigate:

New Features:

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Hope this helps.

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No. The release notes give a summary of the command changes, but some of the most important parts are the bug fixes. Knowing which bugs would be important in any particular environment and convincing the management is what a consultant or systems administrator gets paid for. It isn't a field in which the changes can be expressed simply.

If you have a client who is at 6.3(1) and doesn't *already* know exactly why they are at that release instead of another, then IMHO taking them to 7.2(1) would be irresponsible.

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Walter Roberson

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