Pix 520 and Multiple ADSL lines

Hi, I posted the other day about multiple external IP's (ISP) and a PIX

506. And was told that it was a no go'er.

I can get hold of a pix 520 with 6 ethernet ports. Just to clarify, I have a router from my ISP with 4 2mbit dsl rj45' sockets each with a static ip (At the moment im only using 1 of the 2mb lines). Could I use this firewall to provide access to any or all the dsl lines from our internal network ?

Cheers for the help

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The way you have phrased the question here, people will probably say YES, but if your requirements are still the same as before, the answer is NO.

What you wanted before was for the internal hosts to each have their -own- DSL line. The problem with that situation is the same between the 520 and the 506: there is no way on those models to have different default routings for the different users [except perhaps by using OSPF.] Having multiple physical interfaces is not of assistance in this matter: the routing table is defined completely in terms of destination IP subnets, without reference to the source IP or source interface of the traffic [except perhaps with OSPF.]

I have no had a close look at PIX 7.x; there *might* be some usable feature in that, but 7.x only runs on the PIX 515/515E,

525, and 535, and does not run on the PIX 501, 506, 506E, 510, 520, or any of the previous PIX models (e.g., the PIX Classic)
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