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Can someone please clarify if PBR and fast siwtching work in parallel? Within the PBR I am using set ip next hop. I have no statements with: set ip default next-hop, set ip default interface. Also does anyone know if PBR interferes with the performance of CBAC if both are implemnted in parallel?



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Historically this information has been very difficult to obtain.

I recommend testing and checking the switching mode during testing.

More and more features have been added to the fast switching path with time including at least some PBR features.

sh int switching sh int stat

sh proc cpu

CPU utilization for five seconds: 1%/0%

Within x%/y%

x% total CPU of which y% is fast switching.

What is your platform?

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Thanks for your prompt response. I will check the items you have suggested. The platform is a 7206 VXR.

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I'm not sure if this is what you are asking about, but this is from Cisco's website:

###################### Enable Fast-Switched PBR

------------------------ IP PBR can now be fast-switched. Prior to Cisco IOS Release 12.0, PBR could only be process-switched, which meant that on most platforms the switching rate was approximately 1000 to 10,000 packets per second. This speed was not fast enough for many applications. Users who need PBR to occur at faster speeds can now implement PBR without slowing down the router.

Fast-switched PBR supports all of the match commands and most of the set commands, with the following restrictions:

The set ip default next-hop and set default interface commands are not supported.

The set interface command is supported only over point-to-point links, unless a route-cache entry exists using the same interface specified in the set interface command in the route map. Also, at the process level, the routing table is consulted to determine if the interface is on a reasonable path to the destination. During fast switching, the software does not make this check. Instead, if the packet matches, the software blindly forwards the packet to the specified interface.

PBR must be configured before you configure fast-switched PBR. Fast switching of PBR is disabled by default. To enable fast-switched PBR, use the following command in interface configuration mode:

Command / Purpose ip route-cache policy / Enable fast switching of PBR.

To display the cache entries in the policy route cache, use the show ip cache policy command. Use the show ip policy command to display which route map is associated with which interface. #######################

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Derick Winkworth

If CEF is enabled, you should already have the best switching performance.

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