PAK for IDSM2 on Cat 6500

We have a couple IDSM2 blades for Cat 6500. However, for some reason, the boxes were already opened and there is no documentation materials inside for the reference on PAK. It seems to be lost somehow during shipping or relocating.

So, I want to know whether those IDSM2 blades comes with PAK or it has to purchase the additional subscription.

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No Cisco IDS system comes with a PAK or uses a PAK, they use their serial numbers. They need to be registered under a proper smartnet contract to obtain the full license key. You can get a temp license while the smartnets are being processed.

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then you click on the link If you do not have a PAK click here for available licenses. You also use the same link to get your legitimate license once you get the notification the device is under contract.

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