[OT] remove management devices?

I would like to ask for some recommendations on remote management of network equipment (firewalls, switches, routers). What I have found so far seems unduely expensive and does not do as much as I might hope.

Minimum requirements:

- remote access via ethernet

- ssh or IPSec to encrypt the ethernet connection

- some kind of reasonable user authentication

- 1 (or 2) RS-232 ports @ 9600 bps to connect up console of remote device

Wish list:

- ability to turn on/off a standard AC power outlet (i.e., to power cycle a stuck device)

- possibly a built-in UPS (minimum single-inversion, preferably double inversion)

- additional ethernet connection with ping and telnet, so that I can probe the network from a different network port

- some mechanism by which I could mirror/span a switchport to the device and look at the packets from the remote end

- some file storage and a tftp server, so that I can remotely update devices from a system "close" to them [a process that might temporarily knock out the WAN connection]

-- access-controls so that the tftp server is not accessible to the world

-- scp or other similar mechanism so I can remotely push the files to the device. Assume that tftp is blocked between me and the remote device, and that plain ftp would not be my preference as I would rather not have my configs flying around in the clear.

It's not much -- just equipment to be able to work with recalcitrant networking devices that are a thousand miles away. Or even just on equipment that's only one floor down ... but the network is sick -now- and it'd be faster and easier if you didn't have to run to Security and sign out The One Key...

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In article , Walter Roberson wrote: :I would like to ask for some recommendations on remote management :of network equipment (firewalls, switches, routers).

Looking around more, I see that ServerTech's Sentry Commander PT40 is one of the few devices [that I could find] to integrate remote power control with remote console in a single unit. Unfortunately it appears that the price is around $US1000 for the 4-port version.

There were several useful links at

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The least expensive ssh-protected remote serial access system I could find was one at OpenGear (from $US150), based open okvm at sourceforge -- just add the PC and integration work ;-)

The Cyclades TS100 (about $US300 each, $US2100 for 10) is fully integrated, embedded linux, with a free development environment. Good reviews from what I could see. No power management though. And it looks like the 4 port version, the TS400, is street $US850, not much less than the PT40, if your needs run to power management and more than one port...

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In article , Walter Roberson wrote: :In article , :Walter Roberson wrote: ::I would like to ask for some recommendations on remote management ::of network equipment (firewalls, switches, routers).

Following up myself in case someone wanders across this topic later:

The two main technologies involved are known as "console servers" and "remote reboot". There are some noticably different options available, so you really need to decide what you want to -do- with the equipment -- what features are mandatory, what your budget is, what your available integration resources are.

There are a number of remote-serial devices, and a number of remote- power devices; there are relatively few devices that combine the two.

Manufacturers which made the competive-price comparison list for our particular needs included (alphabetical order):

Clyclades, Dataprobe, Digi International, Lantronix, ServerTech, Synaccess Networks

For the particular mix count of equipment we identified as needed for our operations, prices from the above vendors ranged from $US4500 to $US24500 (and the above alphabetical order is -not- the pricing order!)

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Just one related question:

We have some 4-port slow speed serial parts, which we used in an 3640 for 3270-communication over frame-relay. They are now laying in the rack...

Are there any cables from the 60-pole connector to an RJ45- management port? preferably ready-made...

Or are those ports limited to 'sync' for framerelay instead of 'asnyc'? I don't believe that, as I have seen some cisco-Docu- mentation for installing a simple modem, but I can't find that again.

*if* that cable exists, one could perhaps monitor some other equipment in the same rack?

just asking, Holger

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