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I am a system admin and would like to learn configuring a router, but I have no experience with any type of routers. I know you use Cisco IOS to configure the router (I don't know the IOS command set either), but is there a windows based software from cisco that you could use to configure the router as well??

I have a spare 2600 router around with a WIC card, so I would like to use that as my starting point. My company's internet T1 line comes with the 1700 series router pre-configured, so I would like to learn how to configure one in case that router is dead. Is there any good books that you guys can recommend, is the CCNA training video from Learnkey any good to start with?

I would like to get more information especially those toward configuring a router with an internet T1 line.

Thanks, Alan

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I am also a newbie to Cisco router and I don't know if there is any Windows-based software that allows you to confifure all Cisco routers, although I know some ( maybe all, but I have not known all of them ) Cisco routers supports web interface.

But personally I prefer working with the CLI. It may be a little bit confused at the beginning but it won't take long time to get used to it. It also gives you more freedom to setup your routers.


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You could use the embedded http interface the router has in the IOS and the use your browser to configure it or SMD (which is not free and does not support all platforms as far as I remember). However both of them sucks honestly and you will get a hardtime doing it and/or they don't have the same flexibility that IOS CLI does. more info here...

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hope it helps, let us know.......

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