Newbie: routing between two internal subnets?

Hi: I have a PIX 506e with an internal subnet of 192.168.1/24.

I have a Dell web-managed switch on the inside network that defaults to IP for managed access.

My internal clients on the 192.168.1/24 can't connect to the switch, and I'd also like to be able to access the switch through a Cisco Client VPN as well.

I'd like to keep the switch on 192.168.2/24 just to keep things tidy. What is the simplest way to allow access to this switch from inside the PIX as well as through the VPN?


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Can you post (sanitized) configs? It's really helpful to get an idea of what you're doing.

For example, the security level you set those two interfaces ( & 2.0/24) have a lot to do with the access that you allow. Higher level (like 100) interfaces are allowed into lower level interfaces, but not the other way around.

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The simplest thing to do is to change the IP address assigned to the Dell switch to be in the same subnet as the PIX inside interface.

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You could try setting up a VLANs between the PIX and the switch; I do not know if this will work . VLANs use 802.1q trunking so you should confirm that the Dell switch supports this before attempting.

The 506E will support 2 VLAN interfaces ( refferred to as logical interfaces IN PIX docs).

See Cisco doc Using VLANs with the Firewall

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Note the above is a configuration example that using the PIX CLI interface. No idea how to do this with PDM.

Backup you current config before starting.

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