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Here is what I am trying to do.

I have a PIX with 3 interfaces, inside, outside & DMZ.

I have a server connected to the DMZ interface, the server can ping the DMZ interface Ok.

I have a server on the inside interface that I would like to access the DMZ server.

The inside server is on 192.168.1.x, the DMZ interface and DMZ server are on 192.168.2.x.

I have added a 192.168.2.x IP to the inside server and added this route to my PIX:

static (inside,DMZ0 netmask 0 0.

Is this right or am I missing something as the inside server cannot ping the DMZ server.

Regards Paul.

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you need

static (inside,DMZ) netmask 0 0

This way your inside subnet is translated for itself on the DMZ. In other words it make the inside subnet visible to your DMZ.

The way you put it doesn't accomplish anything . What you are saying to the PIX is translate the inside address of for itself on the DMZ. But you don't have any device on the inside at

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right, but you might also need a nonat access-list between the two lans: nat (inside) 0 access-list no-nat

and a rule like:

access-list no-nat permit ip

good explanation for all types of pix nats here:

formatting link

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You can try adding static (inside,DMZ0 netmask 0 0)

Let's see, the problem solves or not?

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