Newbie Question on Cisco ACS

We're using ACS 3.2 for AAA. There is a collection of .csv files in the ACS which track "Failed Logins". I want to automatically access and download that information for analysis. Is there an API available to do this? If not, any other ideas?

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The .CSV files are easily read by Excel for analysis, and we also share the directory on the Network for easy access to the historical logs, which means we can do simple file copies for all the non-Open files. Our ACS Files are also rotated on a daily basis. This works for all files EXCEPT the latest one, which may be still open.

HOWEVER... you _MAY_ be able to get at the current file by doing - type xxxx >yyyy unless someone has it open at that time, as these files are just plain text ones and "type" doesn't seem to always respect file locking.......;-) I think this only works for text files though...

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what kind of API do you need to to process a csv file? you may use excel, but I prefer gawk Automatic access and download can be provided by ftp or a file share, robocopy etc.


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