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I am using the EIGRP protocol, I have a router that has its ports with the following IP addresses( , , What would be better for the network command, that is used in the EIGRP configuration,

(Network ) or the (Network

OK, now what if the port IP addresses of the router were ( , , will it be (Network or the (Network

Did you get my idea, I mean: should we use the smallest or the biggest network range inside the network command, and is there any difference when the network type is A, B or C.

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The network statement is used to enable EIGRP on router interfaces.

Generally a classful network would be specified althought the EIGRP statement now also accepts a mask

for example

network ! typical usage - all 10.x.x.x interfaces will be enabled for EIGRP

network ! only interface will 10.1.x.x will be enabled

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As above plus you can't assign and to different interfaces on the router with the same mask since they overlap. (unless they are like loopbacks with /32 masks)

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