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Following along in the Boson SIM and I have a question about entering network commands for EIGRP. It states for subnet /24 the correct commands would be...

Router1(config)# router eigrp 100 Router1(config-router)# network

But since EIGRP is classless shouldn't it include the subnet portion and be...

Router1(config)# router eigrp 100 Router1(config-router)# network

If not how does it know what the subnet's are?


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Tim Pope
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If memory serves me I think you need a wildcard instead of subnet mask, or maybe that is just ospf

Sorry....its getting late S.c.

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sean courtney

It is only classless if you tell it to be. The default mask (or wildcard) will be assumed if you do not provide one. In your case 160.10/16 is assumed and it will include all subnets within. You could have entered 'network' to accomplish what you are asking. BTW - make sure you do a no auto-summary.

Hope that helps,


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The network statement determines which interfaces of the router are participating in the eigrp process. The subnet masks information come from the interfaces. EIGRP will automatically summarize at the classful boundary unless you disable it with "no auto-summary".


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Riddle me this...what exactly does the "network ..." statement mean in EIGRP and OSPF configuration?

It has nothing whatever to do with "advertise this network." In EIGRP, OSPF, and RIPV2, it just tells the router to run the routing protocol on whatever interface matches the network command. Later IOSes allowed you to specify the wildcard (or the mask, either works) in EIGRP so you can can fine tune on what interfaces you to run EIGRP. OSPF has always has the wildcard support.

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Hansang Bae

auto summary will use a classful boundary. To get more specific use ip summary-address on the interface.

Router1(config)#router eigrp 100

Router1(config-router)#no auto-summary


Router1(config)#interface serial 0/0

Router1(config-if)#ip summary-address eigrp 100
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