Dwitching Eigrp to Rip

I have a static route setup on my network that is currently running eigrp.

This is currently going through to a router on ip This also has eigrp and is redistributing the links.

I am now in the process of setting up a new internet connection and need this to go in to a firewall that can do rip or ospf

am I correct in thinking all I need to do is change the following

router eigrp 10 network no auto-summary


router rip Network

Also can I use the 2 routing protocols for the same network or would this cause confusion.


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You can easily run both protocols, and I would consider turning up rip or ospf with the firewall only, and redistributing as needed between the protocols (don't generally recommend redistributing both ways though, instead just turn up that transit network in eigrp so it knows about it, and redistribute eigrp into rip or ospf).

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