What plateforms does NetFlow work on? I am curious about switches mostly.


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The short answer is that netflow does not work on switches, it works on routers. The longer answer is that some switches do support it provided they have layer 3 capability, layer 3 modules, and you are using them to route. Because netflow is layer 3 reporting, a simple switch will not be able to export the layer 3 flows. So the answer above is mostly correct. Supervisors w/ MSFCs will support netflow, generic supervisors will not. Layer 3 switches should support it as well, but you must be routing on these devices for it to work properly.

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In the end it is more complex.

You need to see which Version of NetFlow it support. There is version 7. For that version you find muß free tools. If you are looking for multicast NetFlows you need Version 9 on Cisco routers an switche because cisco didn't provide multicast NetFlows in Version 7.


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